I wish humanity didn’t have to meddle and control everything in life, and let nature take it’s course.

I live literally right on the edge of Hyde Creek trail, which then connects to Minnekhada National Park, so it’s safe to say that my neighborhood resting right on the edge of dense wilderness. Today a Conservation Officer rolled into my neighborhood because one of my douche-bag nosey neighbors called him in to capture a Bear that was wandering about minding it’s own business.

Black Bears are frequent visitors to my neighborhood and many others in the area. Bears are strongly effected by human error and suffer the consequences for our carelessness. By this I mean that Bears are attracted to easy food sources and fast calories like our garbage. When we’re too lazy to lock our bins after using them we’re directly threatening the lives of the Bears in the area.

What happens is that a Bear sighting in a suburban area will be reported, and investigated. if caught, the bear will be tagged, and re-located into denser wilderness. If another sighting occurs, it’s captured once again, but because a tagged Bear re-visiting suburban areas is considered a “Problem Bear” it is put to Death instead of being released again.

Humanity is the worst thing to ever happen to Earth. We’re a disease and a plague infecting all the unfortunate creatures that happened to be around us.

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