Just got my Fox Horror Classics and spent the afternoon watching Vincent Price in “Dragonwyck”, from 1946

This film was a mixture of romance, mystery and horror and I definitely recommend it!

The beautiful Miranda Wells (Gene Tierney) is a simple farmer’s daughter in the poor area of Connecticut in the year 1844. Her family is strictly religious and disapprove of her imaginative and wistful nature. A distant relative, the fabulously rich and powerful Nicholas Van Ryn (Vincent Price) sends the family a letter one day, proposing that one of the farmer’s daughter be sent to the Dragonwyck Mansion to school Nicholas’ lonely daughter, and live within the Mansion as a member of the household.

Eventually she convinces her family to let her go and she departs for the Mansion with high hopes. She soon learns her family has no relation at all to the Van Ryn’s and begins to fall for the dark and charming Nicholas.

Her life at Dragonwyck takes a dark turn when Nicholas’ current wife dies under mysterious circumstances, and rumors of the past, and suspicions of malicious intentions circulate through the mansion.

Soon after his wife’s death Nicholas takes Miranda Wells to be his new wife and Miranda is once again blinded by her wistful dreams and Nicholas’ charm. Months pass however and Nicholas begins to spend all hours of the day locked in the tower room, becoming a brooding and hopeless drug addict.

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    OH my Goth, one of my favorite movies EVER!!! Vincent Price is such a hottie!
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