Here’s another winner! : The Mad Magician, 1954 

A film starring Vincent Price as the Great Don Gallico, a fantastically talented illusionist and master of disguise, trying to break free from the his employer Mr.Ormand, and the crooked Magician Rinaldi, so he may perform his masterful illusions himself on the stage and finally receive the praise he deserves.

Unfortunately each of his genius illusions are stolen from him from his employer, despite his wish to work for them no more. Eventually the only solution left to him is to murder Mr.Ormand, so he can go on alone.

To cover up for his crime Gallico manages to create an exact likeness of Ormand in the form of a mask, to continue living in disguise, free of guilt.

One murder doesn’t seem to be enough to keep the authorities away, and suspicions continue to mount. Soon enough Gallico is forced again to murder to keep the law off his back.

Gallico comes close to coming out clean, only he made the fatal mistake of trusting in a woman, and thus he is forced into a gruesome suicide.

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