Diary of a Madman 1963 Starring Vincent Price

A Magistrate, and man of the law, (Vincent Price as Simon Cordier) pays a visit to a condemned prisoner moments before his execution, in hopes that he will confess his crimes. The prisoner remains resolute that he is innocent, and that his body was taken over by an evil spirit to commit the grisly murders.

Simon notices throughout their brief conversation a change overcomes the prisoner. After their conversation, he mysteriously drops dead to the floor inexplicably. With the feeling of guilt surrounding him, Simon returns to his manor house.

Strange occurrences plague Cordier as he continues on with his life and work. Objects fly around his home and his servants notice things being moved around and tampered with. Cordier begins to fear that his mental health is slipping,and that perchance he is causing the incidents unknowingly as he sleeps.

To soothe his mental unease, he takes up his practice of sculpting, and hires a beautiful young golddiggger to pose for him. He falls in love with her almost instantaneously, though his mental health is continuing to slip.

Soon he learns that sleepwalking was not the cause of the strange happenings in the manor house, when he hears voices commanding him to kill. He restrains himself successfully for a while but soon breaks under the reason of the Horla - The voice in his head, and spirit that possessed the prisoner in the beginning of the film.

Murder after murder take place and soon enough, the Horla commands Cordier to kill the fiance of his beautiful love, and soon enough, it commands him to kill her as well.

An excellent movie with believable acting showing a sane man’s gradual slip into insanity. A nice touch was that it was written as if it were a Diary, hence the name. You never cease to amaze me Mr.Price!

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